Yakusa Kiwami – How to Find the Secret Casino

By 30 March 2021

Home to exciting and rewarding gaming experiences and secrets is Yakuza Kiwami. It also has a secret casino most players are unaware of. Also, not all who know about the hidden or secret casino, know how to access it. Here we will show you how to locate the secret casino where you can bet on exciting games for a chance at amazing rewards.

How to Find the Secret Casino in Yakuza Kiwami

location of secret casino on the map
image credit: gamersheroes

To find this hidden or secret casino, you will first need to progress through to the fourth chapter of the game. Here you will have to complete a sub story in the game which is titled “The Price of An F-Cup.” It entails rescuing a girl who has been kidnapped. After you rescue the girl, you will then have to follow her to a bar where you will be required to drink. The first time the drink is offered, you are obliged to drink but not have any after that.

Along the story line you will eventually enter into a fight with a gang. Here too, you must take down the gang and not let them sip out of your grasp. They will then tell you about the secret casino and the password to get in. After securing the password, you must then go to the Kyushu No. 1 Star Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the East side of town; in Pink Alley (you can find this location on the map in the game).

All you have to do now is to enter the restaurant, go to the bar tender, speak with him and give him the password you got from the gang. He will then tell you that the casino is hidden behind a secret door in the back. Once you get there, you can gamble your money on Poker, Roulette, and many other casino games available.

Casino Games in the Secret Casino of Yakuza Kiwami

Some games you will find here are the usual and popular games you are most likely already used to, be it on online of offline casinos. These games include: Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, and many more games. Throughout the game, there are many lockers where game cheats for these games are hidden to help you in winning through the casino.


yakusa blackjack game
image credit: youtube

The “Blackjack Amulet” and the “Bust Amulet” are the cheat items for this game. You can activate this by pressing triangle. The Bust Amulet will make the dealer bust five times concurrently, while the Blackjack Amulet will give you five Blackjacks concurrently too.


yakusa baccarat
image credit: youtube

The “Payer’s Piece” and the “Banker’s Piece” are the cheat items for this game. Pressing triangle after selecting the cheat preferred will guarantee you a single win on the piece you have chosen.


The “Royal Joker Card” is the cheat item for this game. This card can be used by the player at any betting point in the game by pressing the triangle button. It would give you the best hand possible in the next turn or make your three flop cards great.


Yakusa Roulette game
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The cheat items of this game are the “Zero Jewels,” “Black Jewel” and “Red Jewel.” Playing any of these jewels will guarantee you the ball falling in the color you played.