The Sierra Madre Casino in Fallout New Vegas

By 30 March 2021

Fallout New Vegas
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The Sierra Madre Casino is the casino section of the Sierra Madre casino and hotel. This casino and hotel is part of a post-apocalyptic city in an Xbox game. It is guarded by holograms and other forms of security. However, you can still access and play at this casino. Read on to find out more.

Layout of the Sierra Madre Casino

Sierra Madre Layout
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The casino has three strategic exits that play three major roles. One exit leads to the east end of the second-floor lobby. This is a few steps down and is located behind the office which is on the third floor. Another exit is the main door of the hotel lobby while the third exit leads to the second floor lobby.

There are three security holograms guarding the casino. You will have to sneak past them and get to the electrical closet. This closet has a switch that you can use to restore power to the casino. Restoring power to the casino will cause the security holograms to disappear and casino holograms like the cashier and dealer to appear.

The cashier will exchange your pre-War money for Sierra Madre chips. You can then proceed to gamble.

Gambling at the Casino

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There are three games in the Sierra Madre casino: blackjack, roulette and slots. Blackjack tables are available in a separate room that is across the vending machine. Although the slot machines are many, only four of them are working.


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Blackjack is the easiest game to win. All you need is the basic knowledge of blackjack and a stroke of luck. A Luck of 8 is usually enough for you to win most of the hands dealt by the dealer. The game is dealt from multiple decks and the dealer reshuffles the card after each hand. Maximum bet is 200 chips. Only the hand of the dealer and player is visible to the player even if there are other non-player characters that are gambling at the table. The Sierra Madre pays 3:2 on blackjack winnings.


sierra madre roulette
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The roulette is a little trickier than the blackjack. The croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction and spins a ball in the opposite direction. The winning number and color are decided on which “basket” the ball falls into. You can either bet on multiple numbers (outside bets) or bet on one number (inside bet). While outside bet may increase your chances of winning, they reduce the amount of money you will likely win.


sierra madre slots
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The slots game is very easy but is entirely dependent on luck. This is a solitaire game played on a machine. To play, you have to pull the lever and the icons will start spinning till they stop. When the spinning stops, you win if the three icons on the screen align.

Other Information About the Casino

sierra madre casino and villa
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You can find some Sierra Madre chips on top of the support beams. The hologram cashier pays out in pre-War money instead of caps. You can also find guns and bullets on the floor behind the cashier’s desk. When you win 2,500+ chips, you get one wine and one Scotch. You also get a pre-War park stroller outfit and a pre-War hat when you win 5,000+ chips.

Although winning 7,500+ chips will get you a complimentary voucher, winning 10,000+ chips will cause you to be banned from playing games in the casino.