GTA V Online The Diamond Casino & Resort Review

By 30 March 2021

Diamond casino now open

When the first GTA was developed in 1997, it was never expected that there would be an update like The Grand casino and resort, which will make the game very popular and profitable. Today we will be reviewing the GTA V Online the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Overview of the GTA V Online The Diamond Casino & Resort

This location is an entertaining mansion that was included in the GTA online video game. This sequel was used to replace the former site, vinewood casino. The GTA grand casino and resort has something for all; it offers impressive services and luxury living conditions for characters. The characters also enjoy extravagant shopping and good betting facilities.

Membership to this exotic location is $500 of in-play money. With this fee, you can bet on any games of your choice and can earn a gift odder of 5,000 chips. Furthermore, VIP membership is also available with excellent lounges, high rollers table, parking garage, and car hire. The cashier gives a chip that costs $1 to new characters.

The online resort is a must to visit, as it combines gambling experience with mouth-watering exotic living.

A Critical Review of the GTA Online The Diamond Casino & Resort

the diamond casino

There are several pros and cons to this GTA update.

Some Exciting Features were Introduced

Players can now stake in in-game gambling with real cash. This is a rare feature, which the developers have introduced. Also, payment can be made by cryptocurrency, credit cards, or transfer.

VIP programs are a useful feature in the location, as you can choose the status you want and enjoy an e-exotic lifestyle. In addition, there are over 50 cards hidden across the resort, which you need to locate. Finding these cards gives players enormous bonuses for winning.

Finally, you will find several games to play in the casino. These games include, Arcade invade and persuade 2, Street crimes: gang War editions, amongst others.

Some Limits to the Online Resort

Some gaps should be worked on by the developer. For example, winnings can’t be cashed out. Even though you can use real money to pay for a membership, your winnings in this resort cannot be withdrawn to real accounts. What is the use of spending real money and not able to remove it?

Moreover, it has been widely reported that about 51 countries have banned the betting features in this update due to strict gambling laws.

Casino games you can Play in GTA V Online The Diamond Casino & Resort

gta 5 spin the wheel

There are many betting games you can enjoy and play at this resort.

  • Spin the wheel

This is one of the first casino games you will come across in the resort. It is very similar to online roulette, and players get one free spin daily.

  • Table Games

Aside from the spin the wheel game, you will get to play poker, three-card games, and blackjack. These games are available when you have purchased your membership.

  • Slot Games

Some tricky but fascinating games are seen at this resort. You will need chips ($1) for each slot theme game you play.

  • Inside track

Track games including sprints, javelin, high jump, and long jump, are available at the resort.

This post has made an unbiased review of this GTA add on and what outsiders need to know.