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The acquisition of the principal residence, the household can claim financial aid from the State, if it fulfills the conditions for obtaining it. Optimization of financing can also be done through the financial characteristics of real estate loans and the complementary loans offered to it.

In the case of the purchase of a rental residence, the borrower will personalize its financing to meet its investment strategy.

In the case of the acquisition of a second home, the borrower will seek to optimize its financing by playing on all the financial characteristics of a mortgage.

Types of bank mortgage loans

Types of bank mortgage loans

Bank loans correspond to the most common financing, almost all financial organizations are able to distribute them. This financing is allocated for any type of real estate project, acquisition of the principal residence, secondary or rental.

The depreciable loan

The depreciable loan is the most common in France, the monthly payment paid by the borrower amortized a portion of the borrowed capital and reimburses the interests of the mortgage. At the last expiry the loan is totally refunded. Learn more about the depreciable loan.

In Fine Loan

The loan in fine is non-depreciable, the capital is not reimbursed through the monthly payments. It concerns borrowers with available savings on which the financing will be backed. The borrower will repay the entire principal amount borrowed on the last due date. Learn more about the loan in fine.

The loan relay

The bridge loan is non-amortizable. It is intended for borrowers who already own property that they have put or will put on sale and that will not be sold before the purchase of the new home. Learn more about the bridge loan.

Aid loans for accession

Aid loans for accession

In most cases, accession aid loans are intended to finance the principal residence of the household accessing the property. Some loans may finance up to the full price of the property, while others will be said to be complementary to the financing and may not exceed a fixed percentage by decree.

Social Accession Loan / PAS Loan

It is conditionally granted to borrowers who can finance the entire property and certain ancillary costs. It allows to open the rights to APL and benefit from reduced fees. Learn more about the loan NOT.

The loan agreement / PC loan

It is granted without conditions of income, it allows to open the rights to APL and finance the entire housing. Learn more about the loan agreement.

The zero interest plus / PTZ loan

It helps a household first-time buyer access to the property. The PTZ is focused on the financing of new properties but it can also finance old properties in some cases. It is a supplementary loan to financing, the borrower can claim if it meets the conditions that are related.

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