Internet Loan without Commission

The new offer of Meteor Bank is an Internet loan without commissions, in which by submitting a loan application via the Internet, we do not pay an additional commission.

It can not be concealed that the number of banks granting internet loans is increasing more and more. Perhaps not at the pace that the companies providing non-bank loans, but the growth of banks that have decided to borrow completely via the internet, however, is noticeable. This list has recently been joined by Meteor bank, introducing into its rich offer – an internet loan without commission.

Seeing the advertising slogan, 0% commission, most of us come to mind the popular 0% discount offer. In the case of this promotion, loans are granted for free, on condition that the whole amount borrowed is returned within the set deadline, which usually does not exceed 30 days. Unfortunately, the Internet loan without commission, which was in the offer of Meteor Bank, has nothing to do with this kind of promotion. If someone thought that the Internet loan in Meteora will be available for free and without additional costs, unfortunately I will have to worry about it somewhere in this place.

Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank

Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank

is unfortunately not free. Of course, using the loan online, we will avoid paying an additional commission, but this does not mean that we will miss other additional costs. I am talking about interest and loan insurance costs. It is worth taking a look at the representative example which was presented on the bank Meteor’s website. With the total loan amount of PLN 11,889.90 spread over the repayment period of 37 months, the total amount to be paid is PLN 15,225.41. It is not difficult to count that over 3000 zlotys are the same credit costs, so the commission: 0 zlotys, interest: 2 159,59 zlotys, insurance: 1 175,92 zlotys. The loan installment in this case will amount to PLN 411.76. The calculation was made on 10/09/2017 on a representative example.

How to ban an Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank?

How to ban an Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank?

It will not be difficult because we will be able to submit a loan application completely via the internet. When it reaches bank employees, we can expect a telephone conversation in which the initial verification of the borrower will be carried out. Thanks to the fact that we have applied for a loan via the Internet, Meteor Bank will reset the loan commission.

The amount of available credit ranges from 1000 to even 200,000 PLN. The minimum loan repayment period is 6 months and maximum up to 5 years, that is up to 60 monthly installments. The full amount of the loan can be transferred to the borrower’s account even on the same day. If you do not have a bank account at Meteor Bank, you may need a statement of income to obtain a loan. If you have never used internet loans before, it is worth to familiarize yourself with our guide, which will familiarize you with the formalities related to obtaining a loan by this route.

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