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Additional credit, despite 2 loans that are already running, will you feel unwell? Are you wondering if such a credit constellation can be approved, or are you interested in alternatives?

We give you a comprehensive impression, so that you will decide individually right. Constellations are presented in which several parallel installment credits are unproblematic and problem cases. – Appropriate solutions and possible loan offers.

Credit despite 2 credits – variety of omens

Taking credit despite 2 loans, should basically make everyone ponder. Fulfilling multiple loan commitments at the same time can lead to the credit trap. Once in the dilemma, there are only a few ways out. But it is also clear that nobody willingly takes on unnecessary loans. There are always good reasons why additional credit from the current situation seems indispensable.

Only the bottom line must be the bill. There must be enough free cash left to continue living an orderly life. Not to forget free resources for provisions. The emergency, which calls for a renewed additional credit, such as a total loss of the vehicle, can always lurk on everyone. Staying fit to act even though loan rates are paid on time remains top priority.

In principle, additional credit requests to banks are welcome as long as the personal credit line has not been exhausted. Credit despite 2 loans, which are already running, is thus basically no problem. In many households with self-acquired home ownership, different payment obligations for current loans are even the rule. In most cases, a guilty conscience would be inappropriate.

No one could accuse homeowners who pay house and car on time to act irresponsibly with credit for roof repair. Probably uses the homeowner from the example also his Dispo. Together with the maintenance loan, it would be four loans. Only in the budget, the credit must always fit securely. Does not work out, for the everyday money needs, the remaining money only just enough, should be thought about alternatives.

Rescheduling and Credit Lending – Keep Finance Under Control

Taking credit, as the example of the weeping roof shows, is not always avoidable. So that the monthly installments do not get out of hand, additional long-term installments do not offer the optimal conditions. The necessary “order in the finances” remains, if instead of credit despite 2 credits a debt restructuring would be carried out. Existing loan commitments and additional loan requirements are included in a new loan amount.

Since the debt rescheduling loan is a brand new loan, not only the loan amount, but also the rate can be readjusted. Appropriately financed in small installments as debt rescheduling, the higher debt burden remains well tolerable. Modern loan conditions allow the debt repayment loan with small installments, by free special repayment in any amount, but still quickly pay off.

If the household budget allows for high repayments, the term of the loan will be shortened. Another advantage of this alternative to credit despite 2 loans is the clear overview. Only one rate will be charged. Another alternative is to increase an existing loan. If the original loan amount of the old loan were not exceeded, the installment amount to be paid will remain approximately the same. It only has to be paid longer.

Additional credit – correct timing

If additional credit needs arise at the right time, then additional borrowing is the right decision. Timing is easy when one of the old loans or both existing loans are almost paid off. Anyone can survive a short phase of “suffering”. If the additional installments only run for a few months at a time, neither the expense of a credit increase nor a rescheduling is worthwhile.

Clearly everyone should be in this situation only, the next months will determine “narrow hans” the kitchen plan. The budget will be sewn on edge by the additional payment obligation. The goal of the last installment for the old loan firmly in mind helps to endure the austerity. Given the threat of rising interest rates, borrowing at the current time might even be exactly right.

After a long period of low interest rates, the decision to loan despite two loans could even become an interest-rate model. Even lower than today, the experts agree on an exceptional basis, the interest rate level for consumer credit will not be able to fall. Only the rate hike is expected.

Serious loan offers with a tight budget

Serious loan offers with a tight budget

With every additional payment obligation, the budget surplus required for lending declines. Which lending conditions must be met exactly, each credit institution sets itself for themselves. A single point of contact for any credit that can be approved by lenders is provided by Creditend. Bank Credit’s extensive free loan comparison will help most borrowers find what they are looking for.

Fear of additional fees for brokering bank loans via the credit comparison is inappropriate at Creditend. Although the portal provides professional loans, a fee for the successful brokerage Creditend calculates only for the loan from private.

In difficult cases, for loans in spite of 2 loans, it is possible within the credit portal to make reputable contacts with private investors. Private investors, mostly retail investors, are more risk-averse in their lending decisions than banks. The human decision-making component, the gut feeling of the investor, makes loan approvals possible that would not be expected of banks.


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