Online loan without BIK – online loan companies without BIK

Today in the blog 8 selected companies in which you will get a loan online without checking your data in BIK databases.

Obtaining a loan online is the smallest problem these days. A slightly larger problem with obtaining such a loan will be able to have people who are looking for such a loan because of BIK. Specifically, I mean the situation when the bank rejected their application for a loan because of poor credit history at BIK.

My today’s task is to find companies in which both short-term and long-term online loan is available without BIK, that is completely online and without verification at BIK. Contrary to appearances, this task will not be so easy, because nowadays more and more loan companies verify the BIK database. And so not only the debtors’ bases as it was before. Finding a loan online without BIK is not my only assumption today. I also want to present companies belonging to the group of verified companies and in which it is safe to reach for a loan. Presented companies divided into two halves, segregating them depending on whether they provide payday loans or long-term loans with monthly installments.

Waterpots – online loan without BIK

Waterpots - online loan without BIK

FreeDaypay – for a good start a company that recently boasts the most that offers in the offer no payouts without checking BIK . You must admit that the company’s offer is quite rich because FreeDaypay has to offer payday loans up to 5000 PLN. The company had a 35-day repayment period to offer. Currently, this period has been equated to most similar offers and it is up to 30 days. The loan offer is available for people from 18 years of age who have a valid ID card and no debts in the debtors’ databases.

Cash Express – probably one of the more well-known brands through which we can borrow payday loans online without BIK. It is one of the brands belonging to the Zaloan, a company dynamically operating in many different countries, including Poland. In the case of a payday loan, we can borrow no more than up to PLN 1,500 with a 15 or 30-day repayment period. Ekspres Cash is one of the companies in which the first loan is available for free . Provided we are at least 21 years of age and we do not have debts visible in the BIG Infomonitor system databases.

Manyporfel – the company has definitely one of the most interesting offers among payday loans. As part of the first minute you can borrow up to 2,500 zlotys and, best of all, you can get your first hour here for free. Manyporfel has one more advantage which is worth mentioning here. I mean the repayment period of up to 45 days. Verification of a potential client is not carried out via the BIK database but only through the KRD and Erif databases. One of the additional conditions for obtaining a loan is 21 years old. Regular customers of the company can obtain loans up to a maximum of PLN 5,000.

MetLoan – a company that has long been present on the domestic loan market. It may also be known from the Epicredit brand, which offers long-term loans or payday loans. Under the MetLoan brand, the company can offer up to PLN 2,000 for new customers and loans up to PLN 5,000 for people reaching for more loans in the company. The first hour you get here completely free and without additional fees. The main condition that must be met to obtain a loan through the company is to be at least 21 years of age and no registered debts.

Non-bank online loans without BIK – monthly installments

Non-bank online loans without BIK - monthly installments

Zaloan – a company where you will definitely have the best chance of getting a loan if you do not have the best score in BIK. The company makes it possible to obtain an installment loan up to PLN 5,000. We can adapt the loan repayment period to your own needs and it can range from 6 to 24 monthly installments. You will be able to take advantage of the company’s offer, provided that you are already 21 years old and do not have information about debts in BIG Infomonitor databases.

Epicredit – a brand that I mentioned earlier, while writing about MetLoan. One of the few reliable and reliable companies in which online loan is available without BIK. An offer under which you can get your first loan for free, but with a repayment period of no more than 61 days. As part of this promotional offer, you will not, however, borrow more eggs to PLN 2,000. People reaching for more loans at Epicredit will be able to count on obtaining a loan of up to PLN 10,000 . The terms and conditions for obtaining a loan are identical to those in MetLoan, that is, the required 21 years and the lack of debts in the debtors’ debts.

Dynamol – quite an interesting online loan offer without BIK, but more targeted at people who are not satisfied with a large loan amount. At Dynamol, we will borrow no more than PLN 1,000, and also with a short repayment period of 4 months. This is one of the few offers of non-bank loans for 18 years , and therefore addressed to people who are 18 and over. Formalities related to obtaining a loan in Dynamol run quickly and very efficiently. This offer will certainly satisfy those who care about getting a quick loan online .

Lapuda Cash – a company whose offer is quite specific. It makes it possible to obtain not very high loan installments, and also offers one of the larger amounts available by non-bank because even up to PLN 25,000. And most importantly, the company does not throw words into the wind, and if we meet its conditions, we can offer an amount even from the highest shelf. However, this online loan without BIK is possible to obtain if we meet one of the most important conditions. He talks about having so-called guarantor and therefore an additional person who will also take care that the loan is repaid in a timely manner. It may be our relative, neighbor or colleague. It is important that such a person has good creditworthiness and does not have any debts.

Types of Home Loans: List of Real Estate Loans

The acquisition of the principal residence, the household can claim financial aid from the State, if it fulfills the conditions for obtaining it. Optimization of financing can also be done through the financial characteristics of real estate loans and the complementary loans offered to it.

In the case of the purchase of a rental residence, the borrower will personalize its financing to meet its investment strategy.

In the case of the acquisition of a second home, the borrower will seek to optimize its financing by playing on all the financial characteristics of a mortgage.

Types of bank mortgage loans

Types of bank mortgage loans

Bank loans correspond to the most common financing, almost all financial organizations are able to distribute them. This financing is allocated for any type of real estate project, acquisition of the principal residence, secondary or rental.

The depreciable loan

The depreciable loan is the most common in France, the monthly payment paid by the borrower amortized a portion of the borrowed capital and reimburses the interests of the mortgage. At the last expiry the loan is totally refunded. Learn more about the depreciable loan.

In Fine Loan

The loan in fine is non-depreciable, the capital is not reimbursed through the monthly payments. It concerns borrowers with available savings on which the financing will be backed. The borrower will repay the entire principal amount borrowed on the last due date. Learn more about the loan in fine.

The loan relay

The bridge loan is non-amortizable. It is intended for borrowers who already own property that they have put or will put on sale and that will not be sold before the purchase of the new home. Learn more about the bridge loan.

Aid loans for accession

Aid loans for accession

In most cases, accession aid loans are intended to finance the principal residence of the household accessing the property. Some loans may finance up to the full price of the property, while others will be said to be complementary to the financing and may not exceed a fixed percentage by decree.

Social Accession Loan / PAS Loan

It is conditionally granted to borrowers who can finance the entire property and certain ancillary costs. It allows to open the rights to APL and benefit from reduced fees. Learn more about the loan NOT.

The loan agreement / PC loan

It is granted without conditions of income, it allows to open the rights to APL and finance the entire housing. Learn more about the loan agreement.

The zero interest plus / PTZ loan

It helps a household first-time buyer access to the property. The PTZ is focused on the financing of new properties but it can also finance old properties in some cases. It is a supplementary loan to financing, the borrower can claim if it meets the conditions that are related.

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  • Zero interest rate loan 2017 – 2016
  • Zero-interest loan + 2015

Internet Loan without Commission

The new offer of Meteor Bank is an Internet loan without commissions, in which by submitting a loan application via the Internet, we do not pay an additional commission.

It can not be concealed that the number of banks granting internet loans is increasing more and more. Perhaps not at the pace that the companies providing non-bank loans, but the growth of banks that have decided to borrow completely via the internet, however, is noticeable. This list has recently been joined by Meteor bank, introducing into its rich offer – an internet loan without commission.

Seeing the advertising slogan, 0% commission, most of us come to mind the popular 0% discount offer. In the case of this promotion, loans are granted for free, on condition that the whole amount borrowed is returned within the set deadline, which usually does not exceed 30 days. Unfortunately, the Internet loan without commission, which was in the offer of Meteor Bank, has nothing to do with this kind of promotion. If someone thought that the Internet loan in Meteora will be available for free and without additional costs, unfortunately I will have to worry about it somewhere in this place.

Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank

Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank

is unfortunately not free. Of course, using the loan online, we will avoid paying an additional commission, but this does not mean that we will miss other additional costs. I am talking about interest and loan insurance costs. It is worth taking a look at the representative example which was presented on the bank Meteor’s website. With the total loan amount of PLN 11,889.90 spread over the repayment period of 37 months, the total amount to be paid is PLN 15,225.41. It is not difficult to count that over 3000 zlotys are the same credit costs, so the commission: 0 zlotys, interest: 2 159,59 zlotys, insurance: 1 175,92 zlotys. The loan installment in this case will amount to PLN 411.76. The calculation was made on 10/09/2017 on a representative example.

How to ban an Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank?

How to ban an Internet loan without commission at Meteor Bank?

It will not be difficult because we will be able to submit a loan application completely via the internet. When it reaches bank employees, we can expect a telephone conversation in which the initial verification of the borrower will be carried out. Thanks to the fact that we have applied for a loan via the Internet, Meteor Bank will reset the loan commission.

The amount of available credit ranges from 1000 to even 200,000 PLN. The minimum loan repayment period is 6 months and maximum up to 5 years, that is up to 60 monthly installments. The full amount of the loan can be transferred to the borrower’s account even on the same day. If you do not have a bank account at Meteor Bank, you may need a statement of income to obtain a loan. If you have never used internet loans before, it is worth to familiarize yourself with our guide, which will familiarize you with the formalities related to obtaining a loan by this route.

What is a Non-bank Loan Without Certificates?

Everyone who has used the services of a non-bank institution at least once knows that several documents need to be prepared to get a loan, which is why many of us wonder if it is possible to get a loan without a certificate in the installment system. The installment loan enjoys growing recognition. The product, which does not require us to present income certificates, is particularly desired by non-bank institutions clients. Fortunately, there are more companies in the loan industry that adapt their offers to such needs.

A loan without certificates in the installment system

A loan without certificates in the installment system

What is a loan in installments without certificates? This option allows you to make a commitment in the installment system without providing information about earnings. We provide basic information that is included in the requirements of the lender. Customers of non-banking institutions do not have to deal with excess formalities, and the number of required documents is kept to a minimum.

Thinking about an installment loan, many of us wonder if he will definitely receive it without certification. Especially in the case of loans in installments it can be problematic. This is a long-term commitment, so people planning to do so should have income. That is why non-bank institutions want to check our situation. However, people who want to avoid presenting earnings certificates do not have to do so in every case. When choosing a loan company, remember to check its requirements. Looking for the most interesting proposals, we will certainly find one that does not require us to show documents regarding our employment. We must reckon with the fact that we will be verified in databases, but the factor of earnings does not have to be decisive at the time.

What are the obstacles to getting a loan?

What are the obstacles to getting a loan?

We often hear that getting a loan online is not complicated. In fact – the accompanying procedures are very simplified and filling out the necessary forms does not have to be time-consuming. Indeed – these aspects are friendly to us, but it will still be necessary to include other elements. These are different requirements for the lender. Due to the fact that they undertake to provide us with funds, they have the right to know with whom they intend to sign a contract. They take into account our age, origin and permanent address. Failure to meet any of these conditions may make it difficult or even impossible to obtain the installment loan you need. A factor that is very important for non-bank service providers is what we earn. The lack of certificates that confirm our income is the main obstacle on the way to obtaining the necessary funds.

Why earnings are so important for loan companies?

Why earnings are so important for loan companies?

This situation causes that we often wonder why earnings are so important for non-bank institutions. The answer seems quite obvious. Companies need to know whether the person with whom they intend to sign a contract will be able to repay the receivables with additional costs. They do not do this only because of their own interest. They do it also for our situation. They know very well that even a small debt can become a big problem. Loan companies want to save us the need to pay off debts that can overwhelm us.

Non-bank institutions also take into account other situations. They are aware of the fact that not only the employment contract and permanent employment accompanying it are a stable source of income. Some service providers will include, for example, other types of contracts, pensions, pensions or even alimony as a source of income. It is important that it is documented as payments that regularly supply your account. It is also important that the person with such profits would have the creditworthiness and, consequently, cope with the repayment of the loan he is planning.